Receiving Titanic

Few events in human history have resonated around the world like the Titanic disaster.  “People everywhere want to reach out and connect with the Titanic.” says Larry Daley of Titanic Exhibits/Expeditions, Inc. “Cruise ships that are going to be over Titanic on the centennial date of April 14/15 are sold out, and this is why more of us are going to be at Cape Race, Newfoundland for April 2012.”  “Cape Race is the closest point of land to the Titanic,” explains Titanic enthusiast Dave Snow, “And the whole land-based side of the story was documented there. This is the place that coordinated the rescue and sent the news to the world.”  “For April 14/15 we will be at Cape Race remembering minute-by-minute the centennial of the tragedy, and participating in the Worldwide radio commemoration of those pioneering days of radio and wireless,” continues Larry Daley. “The records from the disaster are all on Cape Race time, and there is no other place on land more appropriate for remembering Titanic and personally connecting with the tragedy. We will be standing overlooking the same North Atlantic with other engaged people, and we will remember that time and that event.”  For more information, please visit


About Laurie Roche

Perched on the eastern coast North America, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada is unlike anywhere else. Standing on the deck of a cruise ship is the best way to see the coast, and we do have a lot of it to see - 29,000 kilometres of bays, guts, headlands, harbours and coves.
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